Technology consulting


I typically work on the “business side” of software projects — either to create new products or to facilitate enterprise software implementations. My competencies include:

  • Strategizing and documenting program-level plans to create successful multi-year information technology trajectories;
  • Program management and project delivery coordination
  • Customer or user research (including focus groups, interviews and participant observation — both during the origination phase and during prototyping)
  • Envisioning solutions and eliciting requirements from stakeholders, using highly developed information architecture and business analysis skills. These include:
    • Wire framing to rapidly prototype new applications
    • Site or navigation maps
    • Data or content inventories and audits to establish content strategy, migration plans etc.
    • Metadata development for navigation, classification and to support business processes
    • Detailed functional requirements documentation including all typical business analysis diagrams (UML, etc.)
  • Sustainability planning and program implementation, including IT governance; support/helpdesk and training planning; curriculum and training material development; and training delivery
  • Coaching of non-IT managers through highly complex software implementation processes
  • Vendor briefings, vendor selection and vendor negotiation.

I have extensive knowledge of enterprise software solutions, particularly those made by Microsoft. While I am not a developer or system administrator, I am deeply technical in my understanding of how complex software systems work, and two decades in the technology industry have taught me how to work intelligently and respectfully with software and hardware engineers. I am able to translate these traits into positive working relationships with all members of a software implementation team.

I have consulted on more than 60 Microsoft SharePoint projects in the last 10 years, including enterprise information management, collaboration, web content management, business intelligence and records management solutions.

I have worked with hundreds of organizations in all industry sectors in the last decade, including financial services, healthcare, local, provincial and federal government, oil & gas/utilities, professional services, pharmaceutical and technology.

I have previously developed SharePoint-specific methodologies in the following areas (and presented them at conferences, such as the annual Canadian SharePoint Summit):

  • Helping organizations adopt a governance framework for SharePoint to accelerate user adoption and reduce risk;
  • Rapidly developing highly usable metadata schema for enterprise document management in SharePoint;
  • Managing the complex process of migrating documents into SharePoint, including preparation, metadata schema development, migration tooling, etc.

I can successfully communicate the unique value proposition of Microsoft technologies coupled with consulting services to executives in most industry sectors. My extended skills in technology consulting also include estimating and sizing projects, negotiating contracts (both on behalf of consulting firms, and for clients), managing technology implementation teams and managing vendors.